About Lee

A bilingual US citizen, international business consultant, living and working in Leon, Guanajuato Mexico for the past 18 years.

I turn everyone’s good intentions into working business ventures.

Work with international business projects in various markets and sectors across the USA, Mexico, the Americas, Asia-Pacific, South Asia, Africa and Europe.

Global business experience includes; chemicals, leather, footwear and shoe components, pharmaceuticals, agricultural products, textiles, industrial textiles, services, industrial goods, manufacturing, toll manufacturing, maquiladoras, start-ups, distribution, agencies, representations, joint-ventures, partnerships, strategic alliances, consulting, social media, new market research, match making.

Extensive network of C-level executives,  government contacts and decision-makers in Mexico and throughout the world.

How can I help you solve your business challenges?

Please contact me at:   lee.iwan@gmail.com

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