7 essential tips for doing business overseas

Lee’s list of 7 quick and essential tips for doing business overseas.

1.  It is always easier to sell in your town, state, or country than to export or sell internationally.  Understand that it will always be that way.

2.  Don’t do it alone.   Always get local “guide(s)” to work with you.  This can take the form of a consultant, agent, distributor or sales force.

3.  You will always feel that the customer in the international market got the better deal.

4.  No matter how well you think you understand the country and culture….there is always something important that you missed.

5.  Be humble…..be humble……be humble

6.  Listen before you start to sell.  My first 3 trips to China consisted of meeting and listening to potential customers before opening up the discussion to sales.

7.  Make a concerted effort to build and nurture personal networks and relationships.  Learn about the country, culture and politics.

Original post May 16, 2006  (Link)

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  • How to focus and get results in each stage of business development:  investigation, cultivation, harvest
  • How to create a positive image based on actions and deeds
  • How to maximize your customer visits, trade fairs and commercial missions
  • How to avoid cultural mistakes in Mexico
  • How to use the power of patience to guarantee success
  • How to use communications to avoid misunderstandings and increase commitment to the business
  • How to avoid the stereotypes that will kill the deal
  • How to find the decision-makers in Mexico
  • How to find the resources and reliable information to make informed decisions
  • How to understand the Mexican business environment, how business people think, what they consider important, how they make decisions and why
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